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Europa's grootste distributeur. We verzenden dagelijks wereldwijd!

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Luxe was

Onze luxewas levert prachtige romige kaarsen met een goede hechting op de houder en een sterke geur. Een populaire keuze voor het maken van containerkaarsen.

Luxe kaarsenpotten

Dit handgemaakte glas van hoge kwaliteit is verkrijgbaar in de losse verkoop en heeft een eigentijds profiel, waardoor ze een must-have zijn voor kaarsen.

Luxe lonten

Creëer een andere sfeer voor je kaarsen met een knisperende houten lont. Onze lonten zijn zelf trimmend en er is geen verzorging nodig tijdens en na het branden.

Luxe geuren

Designer geuroliën geproduceerd voor Luxury Candle Supplies. Al onze oliën worden gratis geleverd met bewerkbare CLP-labels die je kunt gebruiken.


Luxe uitrusting

Ontdek onze accessoires om je ervaring op de best mogelijke manier compleet te maken.

Luxe kleuren

Oplosbare kleurstof in vlokken voor kaarsen - perfect om kaarsen en melts met levendige kleuren te maken. Past het best bij de sojawassen van All Seasons Wax Company.

NIEUW! Live online kaarsen maken

Leer hoe je je eigen kaarsen maakt in onze online 'luxe kaarsenmaaklessen'.
Volg de internationale kaarsenmaker Frosa Katsis tijdens een LIVE online les
terwijl je je eigen kaarsen maakt.

We are #1

What makes all seasons wax better than the rest?


Discover why all seasons wax is good for the planet.

Diversity & inclusion

All seasons wax is created using diverse resources and is made for everyone.

Discover why we are the best

What makes All Seasons Wax better
than the rest?

Wax consistency

Our products are designed to be easy to work with, consistent from the day you open the box to when it’s sitting on a showroom shelf or a mantlepiece at home. Our range includes waxes which perform in warmer climates (that have been designed to resist sweating or oil leakage) and waxes which love the cold – so they won’t shrink or frost.

Hot & cold scent throw

Scent throw is what sells candles. If a candle doesn’t smell great, a customer won’t buy it. For this reason, our natural wax products have been fine tuned to deliver great hot and cold scent throw. Start making candles which blow customers away by allowing more scent notes to be released from the candle than any other wax product on the market.

Aesthetic appearance

Surface appearance shows to a potential customer what a well produced, high quality candle they are enjoying. The All Seasons Wax formulas have been designed with retail appearance in mind, so if you’re trading at a warm and sunny market, or your candles sit on an air conditioned shelf at your department store – you can pour your candles with confidence knowing All Seasons Wax won’t let you down.

Anti sweat & anti shrink

One of the greatest challenges of candle making is combating the natural expansion and contraction of soy wax. Perhaps one of the great innovations we’ve implemented into our waxes is the ability to resist sweating, shrinking and frosting. These issues are caused by fluctuating temperatures and the natural soy wax compounds contracting and expanding.

Burn time

Nobody likes a candle that burns too quick or too slow. The way to achieve a consistent and reliable burn time is for the fragrance and the wax to marry together in perfect harmony (and an appropriate wick of course!). The ability of our soy waxes to bind with more fragrances than any other wax on the market is another unique trait of All Seasons Wax.

Shelf life

What good is a candle that changes shape or colour after sitting on a shelf for six weeks? Not a very good one! Candles made with All Seasons Wax Company waxes enjoy longer and more stable shelf life than candles made with other waxes on the market. Distributors and stockists LOVE candles that last.

Where luxury meets vegan...

Our waxes are vegan, do not contain any animal by-products and are sustainAbly sourced and cruelty free.

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